The human body contains nearly 46 miles of nerves, each of which plays an important role in regulating organs and pathways. Stimulating specific branches of nerves can treat certain diseases without side effects. However, existing stimulation treatments lack precision and can lead to unintended side effects downstream. iota’s neural dust interfaces with specific nerve branches to monitor activity in real-time and deliver therapy to a single target.

  • Because our devices are so small, they can be placed more precisely and go deeper into the body than current technologies.
  • Our devices use ultrasound, avoiding the dangers associated with batteries and wiring.
  • Neural dust can record and stimulate in a single implant.

Chronic diseases

Because the body is in a constant state of flux, intelligent therapy should also adapt in real-time. Our platform offers the potential for precise stimulation in a closed loop with continuous real-time analysis. At iota, our vision is to develop a single, flexible solution to enable this promising avenue of treatment.

Delivering targeted, effective therapy

Grain-sized sensors can go where they’re needed most

Wireless power + communication with ultrasound

No batteries required

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