At iota, we’re developing a platform to empower the future of bioelectronic medicine. Our technology will transform how the world monitors and treats disease.

Our Technology
iota Biosciences

It’s not science-fiction. Ultra-small implantable technology is here.

iota holds exclusive license to millimeter-sized, ultrasonic-powered bioelectronic devices developed at UC Berkeley. Also known as “neural dust” because of their small size and ability to interface directly with the central nervous system, these battery-free implantable devices empower doctors to safely get closer than ever to the internal causes of disease.

Novel treatments. Unprecedented insights.

Neural dust can be implanted practically anywhere in the body to gather precise data or to directly stimulate nerves. We envision a world in which implantables are as common as pills and are used by doctors in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, traditional forms of therapy.

Delivering targeted, effective therapy

Grain-sized sensors can go where they’re needed most

Wireless power + communication with ultrasound

No batteries required

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