iota Biosciences is a well-funded medical device startup dedicated to bringing novel bioeletronic devices to market. Bioelectronic devices are the start of a an entirely new form of medicine, where miniature devices treat chronic diseases through mechanisms like electrical stimulation or targeted chemical release, or collect disease diagnostics at a specificity or frequency not previously possible.

Iota’s core technology stack enables a custom ultrasound wand to communicate with and power custom implantable devices, eliminating the need for wires or batteries and making it possible to produce tiny medical implants. This product concept is based on the ground-breaking “neural dust” technology initially developed at UC Berkeley. From this academic proof of concept, iota Biosciences is developing a family of miniscule yet effective and manufacturable medical products.

At iota Biosciences you will be given the opportunity to substantially influence the design and success of Class III medical devices. This opportunity is unique to early-stage startups. Join our team and participate in delivering new effective therapeutic options to patients with hard-to-treat conditions.

Electrical Systems Engineer

iota Biosciences, Inc., a Berkeley-based medical device company is looking to hire a highly-motivated engineer with skills in embedded hardware, software, and system design.


  • Contribute to system specifications and design of hardware systems.
  • Design and develop electrical hardware systems which include implantable components and new ultrasound technology
  • Prototype new hardware systems and work with cross-functional teams to perform system evaluation and testing.
  • Support manufacturing and process development teams to bring successful designs to production.
  • Contribute to design of analog/digital systems utilizing MCU and FPGA

Minimum Qualifications

  • B.S., M.S., or PhD in electrical engineering, computer science, or other related field.
  • Experience working with FPGAs and a hardware description language (VHDL or Verilog).
  • Experience with verification methodologies, RTL and gate level simulation and debug
  • Hands on experience with lab debug equipment, such as oscilloscopes and logic analyzer
  • Experience with microcontrollers, embedded development, and programming languages.
  • Fluent with C in embedded and standard computer architectures.
  • Experience in initial system bring-up, debugging, and test

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with PCB design.
  • Experience analyzing root cause, design debugging, and problem solving with engineering test equipment
  • Experience in scripting languages, such as Python and MATLAB, for instrument automation and data analysis
  • Experience in or strong interest for working in medical devices or life sciences industry
  • Knowledge of ISO 13485 medical device regulations and FDA design controls

To apply, please email

FPGA Designer

iota Biosciences, Inc., a Berkeley-based medical device start-up developing novel bioelectronic diagnostics and therapies, is looking to hire a highly motivated engineer to design, implement, optimize, and test FPGA modules for a medical device system.


  • Implement FPGA designs using Verilog and System Verilog.
  • Develop robust simulation models and self-checking test benches.
  • Design electronic subsystems including digital signal processing functions, control functions, and digital communications functions.
  • Design test and verification methods and capabilities for electronics and electrical systems.
  • Document FPGA requirements, specifications, test plans, and other supporting documentation
  • Collaborate with other engineering disciplines to design a system satisfying all requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree or higher in Electrical or Computer Engineering.
  • 3+ years FPGA design using Verilog or System Verilog.
  • Experience with a scripting language such as python or MATLAB
  • Experience with signal processing, communications and control functions.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working in a startup environment.
  • Significant experience in medical device or other regulated industry.
  • Proficiency with C programming
  • Experience designing custom DSP algorithms optimized for a sensor-based application.
  • Knowledge of energy harvesting communication devices, like RFID

To apply, please email

Our Mission

iota Biosciences is dedicated to transforming how doctors monitor and treat disease by advancing our understanding of how bioelectronics can interact with the human nervous system. Building on award-winning “neural dust” technology developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, iota is building a platform for the future of bioelectronic medicine.

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