Neural dust platform

Where other forms of treatment have stagnated, nervous system-based therapy may open up new possibilities for care. Our ultra-small, low-power devices help harness the therapeutic potential of the human nervous system and advance our understanding of this new frontier.

  • Powered by ultrasound
    No batteries, no wires. Our devices can record electrical information, stimulate nerves and communicate with other machines through ultrasound, a medium with a long safety track record.
  • Smaller than a grain of sand
    Our devices are just a few millimeters long, so they can be implanted practically anywhere in the body. Future implants could scale down to less than one cubic millimeter.
  • Reads and writes nerve activity
    Neural dust devices can modulate the information transmitted through nerves, enabling doctors to better treat conditions from arthritis to cardiovascular disease.


Our technology already has numerous practical applications. Neural dust could allow doctors to diagnose and treat the causes of disease quicker and more precisely.

  • Precise diagnostics
    Neural dust goes inside the body to gather targeted data at the source and identify the fundamental causes of disease.
  • Closed-loop therapies
    The delay between diagnostics and treatment makes most current forms of therapy less effective for treating complex or fast-moving diseases. With neural dust, real-time data can inform nerve stimulation, providing for near-instantaneous feedback loops.

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